Brand Warranties

Manufacturer Limited Warranties

This page contains information regarding manufacturer limited warranties offered by DICK’S Sporting Goods, Inc. (“DICK’S”). If you do not see warranty details for a specific product on this page, DICK’S does not offer a limited warranty for that product, but the product manufacturer may. Please see the specific product details page or reach out to the product’s manufacturer for warranty information.  Warranty questions directed to DICK’S can be directed to DICK’S Customer Service at 1-877-846-9997.

DICK'S Sporting Goods encourages athletes to review the terms of a product's original warranty. No Sweat Protection Plans (NSPP) are offered to supplement a product's original warranty, where applicable, and are not offered to replace, void, or otherwise impact the terms of any original warranty. If the product is outside the warranty and you purchased a No Sweat Protection Plan, please click here to see more details.

Limited Warranties Provided by DICK’S

DICK’S generally offers a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for products from the brands listed in the chart below if the product has a retail price over $15. Exceptions to the one-year limited warranty: (1) are indicated with a *, ** or *** in the chart below, or (2) include accessories, apparel and shoes for the following brands: Alpine Design, CALIA, DICK'S Sporting Goods, DSG, Lady Hagen/Walter Hagen Women’s, Lotto, Maxfli, Northeast Outfitters, Perfect Game, Prince, VRST or Walter Hagen, which do not have a limited warranty.


DICK’S Provided Limited Warranties

(Does not include Accessories, Apparel or Footwear)

  • CALIA​
  • Ethos​*
  • Fitness Gear​
  • PTEX​

  • CALIA​
  • Cobra (Specific product**)​
  • Lady Hagen​
  • Tommy Armour​
  • Top Flite​
  • TourTrek​
  • Walter Hagen​

  • DBX​*
  • DICK'S Sporting Goods​
  • DSG​
  • Field & Stream​*
  • Jawbone​
  • Nishiki​*
  • Nishiki eBikes***
  • Quest​*
  • Rec League​

  • Adidas - Baseball, Softball, Football (Specific product**)​
  • DICK'S Sporting Goods​
  • DSG​*
  • Lotto Soccer (Specific Product**)​Marucci/Victus Baseball/Softball (Specific Product**)​
  • Monarch​
  • Powerbolt​
  • Prince (Table Tennis and Tennis Hardlines**)​
  • PTEX​

*Some products within these Brands have an exception, warranty or warranty period different than the one-year limited warranty. See details in Appendix 1.

**Only select products styles are warranted by DICK’S for Adidas, Cobra, Lotto, Marucci/Victus and Prince. Please see Appendix 2 for products styles with the DICK’s provided one-year limited warranty. If the item is not listed in Appendix 2, please contact that brand’s customer service team with warranty questions.

***Nishiki eBikes – See product description page or product for warranty details.

Appendix 1

This Appendix 1 outlines exceptions to the DICK’S One-Year Limited Warranty. Unless otherwise noted below, the DICK’S Limited Warranty above will apply.


Appendix 2

Select Adidas, Cobra, Lotto, Marucci, Prince and Victus branded product styles covered by DICK'S one-year warranty