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Lifetime® Basketball: Gear That Gets The Game Going

Bring your hoops game home with Lifetime® basketball hoops and systems.

Lifetime's® state-of-the-art basketball goals and systems are designed for maximum durability-so you can get the game going with confidence. Best of all, you can find everything you need from Lifetime®, including regulation-size hoops, quality metal frames, sturdy bases and much more.

Select from stand-alone backboard and hoop combos, portable hoop systems, mounting kits and a variety of accessories. Looking for more? Check out the entire basketball equipment collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Think about how you will use your home basketball hoop from Lifetime®. These systems come with varying levels of adjustability and different installation requirements.

Portable hoop systems from Lifetime® are stand-alone units that incorporate a base, pole, backboard and rim. These systems are easy to adjust and often come with wheels for portability. These systems often lack stability, but do not require professional installation.

Combination systems from Lifetime® are mounted directly to a structure, often a home or garage. These systems include a backboard, rim, net and mounting kit. They are very permanent and cannot be easily moved once they've been installed. They provide excellent stability during play.

Consider these factors when selecting a basketball system for your home:

Components: Lifetime® basketball hoops come with a net, backboard and rims, each constructed with a variety of materials.

Portability: Portable hoop systems can easily be moved to better accommodate space on your property. Combination systems, however, are largely permanent. Always consult product information for specifics on moving your basketball system.

Adjustability: Portable hoop systems are easy to adjust for players of different sizes and skill levels, but these hoops often lack stability. Combination systems are extremely stable, but usually lack adjustability options.