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SParms Adult Sleeve
SParms Adult Sleeve

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Learn More About Compression Arm Sleeves

If you play or follow sports, you’ve likely seen an increasing number of athletes wearing sleeves that cover the arm from the wrist to the bicep. These are compression arm sleeves, and many athletes believe the sleeves improve performance, circulation and recovery. Want to see if arm sleeves can help your game? DICK’S carries these sleeves for men, women and kids in a variety of colors and styles. Choose arm sleeves from trusted brands like Nike, EvoShield, McDavid and more.

Arm Sleeves: Potential Benefits

While there is some debate about the overall effectiveness of arm sleeves, many athletes claim the sleeves promote better all-around performance. Here are some benefits that arm sleeves can offer:

  • UV Protection: Several of the arm sleeve styles available at DICK’S feature built-in sun protection. If you play outdoor sports or enjoy activities like fishing, biking and hiking, you may want to consider picking up some UV-protective arm sleeves.
  • Temperature Regulation: Arm sleeves may reduce the impact temperature has on your performance. In cold weather, arm sleeves can help keep muscles warm and relaxed. Or, if you tend to get uncomfortably hot on the field or in the gym, look for arm sleeves infused with cooling technology. These unique sleeves can help regulate your body temperature while wicking away sweat to keep you cool and dry.
  • Improved Circulation: While there are differing views on how much arm sleeves improve blood flow, many athletes feel that the sleeves do reduce fatigue and speed up the recovery process.

Types of Compression Arm Sleeves

DICK’S carries arm sleeves for a variety of sports and activities, including:

  • Football Arm Sleeves: These sleeves are increasingly popular on the gridiron. Some even feature built-in padding for extra protection.
  • Baseball Arm Sleeves: Many players feel that sleeves keep their muscles ready for every throw and each at-bat.
  • Basketball Arm Sleeves: Basketball sleeves may give you an edge on the court, and they can also provide a bit of skin protection against aggressive defenders.
  • NBA Arm Sleeves: Ever since Allen Iverson first wore one back in 2000, the shooting sleeve has become incredibly popular among NBA players. You can get your own officially licensed NBA arm sleeve at DICK’S.
  • Mizuno Volleyball Arm Sleeves: Any volleyball player can tell you that hitting the ball is more painful than it looks, especially if you’re just starting out. Sleeves can provide some protection from this repeated impact. Sleeves can also guard against friction burns that come from diving on a gym floor.

Take a look at reviews and product descriptions to find the best compression arm sleeve for you. If you find a better price on arm compression sleeves from another qualifying retailer, we’ll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.